Earn Commissions booking travel

You Earn Commission Each Time You Sell A Cruise Or Land Vacation!

Within the travel industry, when a travel professional sells a cruise or land vacation package for a particular Cruise Line or Tour Operator, that Cruise Line or Tour Operator then pays the parent travel agency a commission for the sale. The commission is usually a percentage of the overall price of the vacation package sold.

For example, if a certain Cruise Line is paying 15% of the total commissionable fare and the fare is $3000.00, the commission paid to the agency would be $450.00. Looking at the formula:

Commission Rate X Commissionable Fare = Total Commission Paid To Agency

Showing the actual mathematical calculation:

0.15 x $3000.00 = $450.00

The above commission amount is the amount paid to the parent travel agency. It is then the parent travel agency's responsibility to pay the person who actually made the sale a portion of the commission.

For example, if a travel agency pays 50% of the total commission earned, then using the above as an example, the commission paid to the agent is $225.00. If the agency pays 75% of the total commission earned, then the commission paid to the agent is $337.50. Looking at the formula:

SalesPerson's Commission Rate X Total Commission = Salesperson's Commission

Showing the actual mathematical calculation:

0.50 x $450.00 = $225.00

Take into account that an experienced travel professional devotes about 120 minutes of their time to book, administrate, and quality assure each cruise or land vacation travel package sold, one can quickly deduce that by simply selling five (5) cruise or land vacation packages per week, one can earn over $1000.00 per week in commissions.

The above numbers are real. In fact, they are quite low. If you think about it, if you sell more expensive cruise or land vacation packages, then you will receive more commission. The same holds true if you book more per week...say for a group. The bottom line is that with regards to earning potential, the sky is the limit!

Cruise Brothers Commission Payment Policy

In the most direct terms, the Cruising Free! associate earns anywhere from 50% to 80% (depending on experience), of the total commission earned on each cruise or land vacation travel package that they sell. The Cruise Brothers will then issue payment to the Cruising Free! associate for the amount of earned commission after the customer travels.

The reason the Cruising Free! associate's commission is paid after the customer travels is several fold. Some of these reasons include:

  • Cruise Lines and other travel vendors pay the agency commissions only after customer travels.
  • The customer could cancel the booking due to medical reasons
  • The customer could cancel the booking due to financial reasons
  • The customer cancels for any other valid reason
  • The customer could change any one element of their travel package

Regardless of the reason, experience shows that it is much more feasible to wait until the customer travels as once the customer does travel, monies can transact more freely between vendors, the agency, and the Cruising Free! associate.

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