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Experiencing Cruise Travel Helps You Sell More!

People get two weeks a year vacation on average. That means they spend 50 weeks a year laboring for those glorious two weeks in which all they want to do is relax and have FUN! As a Cruising Free! associate, your prospective customers will be entrusting you to provide the best cruise vacation travel package that suits their needs. And studies have shown that you need to have experienced the product to become better at selling the product.

We Are The Only Business That Encourages You To Go On Vacation!

ach Cruise Line WANTS you to experience their product. They do this by providing Cruise Travel to agents via a program called Familiarization Trips or FAM Trips as they are more commonly known. FAM Trips are extremely low priced cruise travel designed with the agent in mind. And best yet, one doesn't have to have an IATAN card to obtain these rates. All that is necessary is that the agent be affiliated with a certified agency. As a Cruising Free! associate, you are by definition, affiliated with the Cruise Brothers; a leader in Cruise Travel sales and service.

Familiarization (FAM) Trips, Ship Inspections

As stated previously, Cruise Lines want you to experience their product; especially if the ship is new and is just about to be put into the marketplace. Cruise Line's want you to experience the cabin accomodations, the dining, the entertainment, the onboard amenities, the pool, the gym, the casino, the sports, the night clubs, the deck plan, the itinerary, as well as the general ambience the ship provides. And of course, the Cruise Line provides seminars that detail every aspect of the ship that they see fit to promote.

As a Cruising Free! associate, when attending a FAM trip, the first thing one should notice is the quality of the Cabins. Examine the inside cabins, examine the outside cabins, take a walk up to the suites. Check out the linens. Feel the beds. Find out how many electrical outlets there are. For cabins with bunks, are they sufficient enough for 3 people. Customers are particularly interested in all this so it helps to be well versed. Plus, the more details you know, the more likly it is that you can upsell them to a more luxurious accomodation.

Dining is another concept that customers often ask about. When sampling the dining facilities, taste the food. Of course it will be good...but look at the presentation. Look at the number of small, medium, and large tables. Also make note of the floorplan.

The onboard Casino is another great topic to discuss with prosepective clients. On the FAM trip, look how big it is. Are there many table game tables. How's the roulette wheel

The Pool is usually the most vivid of all cruise ship amenities. From sun up to sun down, there are always people lounging around the pool. Look where the bar is. Get an idea of how many wait staff are available. Showing customers the pool area...and embellishing personal experience often gets the customer extremely excited.

Most modern day cruise ships have large theatres on board. Having a good feel for the type of entertainment offered on the ship allows you probe the customer to see what they value as entertainment. Senior Citizen customers probably won't like Blue Man Group style entertainment.

If your customers are of the athletic type, push the Onboard Gym. All Cruise Ships have gyms, massage stations, yoga, etc. The gyms are packed with state of the art equipment better than most health clubs and the views available when working out are simply spectacular. Experience it. Pass it on!

The newer cruise ships have a fantastic array of open deck sports available. These ships have rock climbing walls, wave machines to surf, golf courses, tennis courts, and more. To believe it is to experience it.

And Remember, Cruise Lines Want You To Experience All This And More.. We at Cruising Free! want you to experience it too. We have a list of FAM trips available, along with an upcoming flurry of seminars at sea listed on our Cruising Free! Associate Support Site www.homecruiseagent.com.

Contests And Cruising Free! Associate Incentives

Even though FAM Trips are extremely low priced, the Cruise Brothers goes one step farther by holding contests which result in Free! cruises. The Cruising Free! Associate Marketing Department often issues incentives which result in those certain associates who meet the specified goals in obtaining Free Cruises. These incentives come up randomly so check homecruiseagent.com often and watch your email!

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