Russ Gelfuso

Russ has been traveling all his life, growing up in a family that owned a small travel business is where his passion for the industry began. It was in the eighties that the family began to offer cruise travel as a vacation alternative when Russ along with his brother Steven, embraced this new form of leisure travel. They got in on the ground floor of this emerging business. The Cruise Brothers was created and became one of the first and largest family owned travel businesses to offer cruises.

Since then, Russ has had the opportunity to visit shipyards while cruise ships were being built, go on Inaugural Cruises, and meet all the key players in the industry. He has traveled on hundreds of cruises all over the world and experienced all the exciting aspects of taking a cruise. He is truly a cruise expert!

Russ is an excellent mentor having trained many of the Cruise Brothers travel associates. As a Team Leader he makes sure that everyone becomes successful! According to Russ, “The business has changed so much, it has never been easier for someone to become a travel agent. What other business can you get into with no capital and have access online to billions of dollars in inventory. I will show you how!” He is there to offer support and problem solving as well as insight into where the cruise industry has been and where it’s going.

When Russ is not working selling cruises he enjoys classic cars, spending time with his two cats and dog and doing stand up comedy! Russ has entertained audiences across the country and on Cruise ships. He keeps the audience laughing with his unique humor.

If you are ready to learn, Russ is here to teach. Give Russ a call today! 888.395.8477

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