About Us

Cruising Free was founded in 2010 and is the host agency division of the well-known and established Cruise Brothers Travel Agency, created on the belief that travelers can become travel agents. Cruising Free is completely free to join because we seek those with a passion for travel, have cruised and traveled already on their own, are the "go to" for their family, friends or organization and want to learn how to create a home-based business easily. We've designed a proprietary intranet and education program led by a team of coaches or "Team Leaders" with the expectation that people joining us want to do this as a hobby to earn some money, save on travel and potentially earn free travel and cruises for the planning they are already doing. Of course we find that for some their passion turns into a full-time business, but for most it remains an extra source of income and being a part of a fun community of travel lovers. Cruising Free is designed to become whatever the new agent wishes it to become...with no obligations or quotas.

Cruise Brothers is one of the largest family owned cruise travel agencies in the United States. We were established in 1972, and while we are the “Cruise Brothers,” we have worked diligently to establish our brand, not only as cruise experts, but as experts at land vacations as well. Over the years, we have helped nearly a million people plan their dream vacations and their special, once-in-a-lifetime adventures! Individual vacationers, family members, and friends account for the majority of our business. However, we have also built a thriving business that focuses on groups - - - class reunions, destination weddings, music and other theme cruises, seminars at sea, fundraisers, and corporate meetings and incentives.

As an affiliate of Travel Leaders Network, the $21 billion a year travel industry giant, and a consistent top producer with the world’s leading cruise lines and tour operators, Cruise Brothers has established the buying power that ensures that our clients receive the travel industry’s very best pricing and a generous array of travel amenities in addition to top commissions for our Cruising Free agents.

Whether your interest is in a cruise, an all-inclusive resort, or a land tour; whether it’s the Caribbean, Alaska, Europe, Hawaii, or the World, Cruise Brothers’ Cruising Free team of seasoned travel professionals, Team Leaders and management is committed to providing you with expert, professional advice; award-winning service and education to start you in the wonderful world of travel!

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