Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Who can join?


Regardless of the country you live in, this opportunity is available for anyone interested, as long as you have cruised at least twice or have stayed at multiple All-Inclusive Resorts/European tours. The idea of this program is for people who love to plan either their own travel, their friends, or family members. This program is also perfect for group leaders. You've been doing the work already, so you might as well get paid for it.

Q:How does it work?


As a Cruising Free Associate Agent, you will earn 50% of the commission on each sale you make online. ( i.e., an average commission on a cabin is $350.00. The Associate Agent will receive $175.00, and Cruise Brothers (Administrator Of The Cruising Free! program) will receive $175.00; this example is based on a 50% commission rate.) If you are a high-volume producer, when you sign up, please see if you can qualify for a higher commission rate.

Q:How much do I have to pay for this business opportunity?


Nothing! Nada! Zilch! There is no sign-up, monthly, or annual fee! We provide training, marketing, and a dedicated coach who can help you every step of the way. We make it easy, and we're always FREE. We also have no quotas that you need to meet. If you just wanted to book your own travel and earn a commission, this is the perfect program to join!

Q:Why work with Cruising Free?


The Cruise Brothers are among the largest family-owned cruise and tour agencies in the country ~ three generations and still going strong. We've been in business since 1972 - that's over 49 years of experience as a cruise and tour agency - specializing in all aspects of travel, making us YOUR experts on the cruise lines, tour destinations, ships, and itineraries. Our success stems from our well-trained Team Leaders dedicated to helping you succeed as a travel agent.

Access to - Our award-winning intranet site for everything you need to be a successful travel agent. You'll have access to promotions, reduced rates, training, invoicing, marketing, and commissions!

Commissions- You've been booking your own travel, or maybe you're the point person in the family who helps plan all your friends/family vacations. You've been missing out on earning commission for your efforts. Cruising Free was designed for this exact reason. We can help you earn $$$ for booking all your future travel with our FREE program.

Ease of doing business - As a member of one of the largest cruise vacation agencies in the country, Cruising Free Associates are respected by the Cruise Lines. You will do business faster, have access to the best deals, and you will receive a personal coach. YOU are on a TEAM!

No need for secretaries, receptionists, and the like - We do it for you. Our award-winning customer support staff is second to none. We can handle collecting final payment for your customers, send out documentation and handle any issues your clients may have while on their vacation. We realize most of our agents do this on a part-time basis, so you can be confident that our customer service department can assist with most issues that may arise.

Access To Special Discounted Rates On Most Major Cruise lines and Tour Operators - The cruise lines give Cruise Brothers special rates that you can pass on to yourself or your clients. No one in the industry can beat these rates in most cases, and therefore the consumer is more likely to buy from a Cruising Fee Associate than other agencies.

Great Support - Every Cruising FREE Associate Agent is assigned a Team Leader to help you with all your questions. Your dedicated coach can help you with marketing, making reservations, putting together groups, and much more! We want you to sell. So it's in our best interest to help you do so. Your success is our success!

Q:Do I need my own personalized website?


No, you do not! We find that by promoting travel through social media (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, etc.) and reaching out to your personal contacts, you can easily grow your travel business. If you're still not sure, don't worry, we will personally show you how to promote travel properly.

Q:How soon can I go on a free or reduced fare cruise?


As a productive associate, you'll be eligible to travel at reduced rates. As a top producer for all major cruise lines, the Cruise Brothers and our travel agents are invited to attend Inaugural Celebrations aboard brand new ships where everything is FREE.

The Cruising Free program also offers various sales contests throughout the year where agents can win free cruises, onboard credits, and gift cards. There are also FREE cruises awarded to our travel agents who complete online courses that the cruise lines provide. The courses are offered for FREE, but not all of them offer FREE cruises for graduating.

FAM Trips- FAM is short for familiarization trips. This is offered either for FREE or a nominal fee to attend. This can take place on a cruise ship or at an all-inclusive resort. They provide training on FAM trips, and you can truly learn about a product by immersing yourself in it.

The cruise lines offer reduced rate cruises to agents based on their ability to provide bookings, so the more you book, the better your chances of qualifying for these special fares! After you earn $5000 in commission, you will qualify for an official IATAN (International Air Transport Association) Travel Agent ID card. That will allow you to take discounted trips such as cruises, all-inclusive resorts, hotels, and rental car companies.

Q:What special equipment do I need?


A computer, smartphone, or tablet with internet access is all you need. While we recommend a high-speed internet connection for your devices, it's not absolutely required, but it will make things easier (and faster!) for you. We'll provide you with all the other tools you'll need!

Q:Do I need to any E & O insurance (errors and omissions) or business licenses?


No, we've got you covered! As a Cruising Free Associate, our errors and omissions policy covers all your business activity. Thus, you do not need to purchase any insurance whatsoever. We're truly a FREE program! Some states require a Seller of Travel License, so please check with your state, or once you join, we can let you know. Typically an annual fee for a Sellers of Travel License costs around 50.00 per year.

Q:When will I be paid for my bookings?


After travel is completed (the customer returns home from the trip) and the vendor sends the commission, we will then direct deposit your portion to you. We will display all commissions in complete transparency on your commission dashboard located on our intranet site

Q:How do I find customers?


The first thing you should do is let everyone know that you are now a Cruising Free Associate Agent. Tell everyone...even those people who you know don't travel that often because they may know people who need a travel agent.

Business cards are an essential tool as well. Spreading the word about your new business often involves handing out your cards to all prospective clients. You can purchase business cards from your local printer or over the internet. We even have templates for you to give to your business card provider.

Social Media will be essential in helping to grow your customer base. Facebook is a FREE way to help promote your new business. Share your travel pictures, tips, and promotions all for FREE. This will help you create awareness so your friends, family, and acquaintances know that you're now a Travel Agent.

Networking is another way to help get the word out to your local community. You can join your local chamber of commerce or look for local networking opportunities. Most of the time, they will take one leader in each industry.

Q:Am I an employee of Cruise Brothers?


No, you're not an employee, and you will be registering as an independent contractor.