Mike Houle

Director, Cruising Free

Mike loves to travel with his wife and two daughters. His passion for adventure travel has taken him deep below the oceans to exotic dive sights and ziplining high above the mountains of South America.

As a team leader for Cruise Brothers, Mike is knowledgeable in all aspects of booking travel and large groups. He is always available to his team no matter what time of the day! His expert advice and experience has proven to be quite profitable for his agents. He prides himself on working with them to provide great service and prices that can’t be beat!

When Mike is not busy helping his team, you can find him chest deep in waders catching striped bass, or trout in Rhode Island waters. A graduate of Johnson and Wales University, with a degree in International Business and Finance, Mike’s head for business and love of travel make him a great choice for your team leader. What are you waiting for? Your next career is waiting!