"I was born and raised in a traveling family, trekking thru multiple countries, visiting resorts around the world and starting to cruise at a young age.  Over time, while putting together group cruises for family and friends, I began to investigate how to become an agent and sell my own travel and see exactly how to really secure the best prices.  Through some online research, I came across a few different companies offering opportunities, but felt most were nothing more than pyramid schemes.

Then, I came across an advertisement for Cruising Free and realized that it was part of Cruise Brothers. Unlike many of those I found online, they did not charge monthly fees nor require a mandatory website.  The premise was simple – sell travel, split commissions.  After reaching out and talking to an assigned team leader, there was no doubt this was the right choice for me.

Over the past 7 years, I have increased my sales annually through repeat customers and word of mouth.  Overall, I have found the Cruising Free program to be an exceptional way to earn a part time income, as well as receive perks (like free or almost free vacations) for doing something I love."

Brian Fielder - Independent Agent

Team Leader - John Viola


"I decided to become an agent because I had previously been in the hospitality business over 30 years and wanted to try something new. Started as a part time job to learn more about the travel industry.   No gimmicks...truly a free program. Joining was easy and yes, it is a free program. My team leader is always available when needed and will help every step of the way to ensure success. I have been able to earn 2 free cruises so far and have several discounted travel trips in the plans. There is always a training available so it is easy to learn the trade. I  have a passion for travel and each day I feel I learn something new. I enjoy doing the research to find my clients what they want and I know the Cruise Brothers team is available whenever a question arises."

John Hegedus - Independent Agent

Team Leader - Diane Fish


"After retiring as an educator, I wanted to delve into a new part-time career. My friend Don, was already working for Cruise Brothers and thought it would be a great fit for me. He explained that there were no startup fees like at other travel agencies and told me that Cruise Brothers has been a very reputable business for almost 50 years. Since I love to travel, I decided to explore the idea. The training, guidance and support I have received from my team leader David, has been wonderful. Any time I have a question, David is immediately responsive. His continued effort has enabled me to be a successful agent. In addition, Cruise Brothers has some of the best competitive discounted group rates. My clients get very excited when I can save them money and give them quality service"

Marlene Teitler - Independent Agent

Team Leader - David Accetturo


"We did our research, were not interested in paying monthly payments (ed. to other agencies that charge) and were not sure our commission would even make those payment amounts. One day I called Cruise Brothers directly and they explained how the system worked, that there were no monthly payments, yet the support and training was there from the start. We were hooked and have been selling cruises for several years now, going from booking friends and family, with continued training and support from Cruise Brothers and David, until currently booking large groups and individual cruises all the time.

We love the interaction with the staff and team leaders (David is ours!), ability to get questions answered, and guidance that Cruise Brothers has to offer. With this company being around 50 years, we now know the reason they have been around this long and will continue to be a force in the cruise market for years to come.

One of the more exciting things Cruise Brothers offers is the ability to have so many groups open that we can book into, and the added ability to offer these amazing savings to our clients. When you present the discounted prices we get from Cruise Brothers groups to our clients, that just makes the sales easier and more frequent."

Debbie and Tony Palmiotti - Independent Agents

Team Leader - David Accetturo


"“You should be a travel agent, Mandy.” That’s what EVERYONE kept telling me. Many of them for more than a decade before I finally gave in. But every program I found that promised to make me a success cost money to get started, and I believe that no good job opportunity costs money to make money. That’s why, when I found Cruise Brothers and Cruising Free, I felt safe enough to take the leap. Cruising Free felt too good to be true. But here’s the thing – it’s not. I’ve been able to launch my own business from home and work hours that fit my life and allow me to do what I love most; travel!

Inside of 18 months I was even able to quit my “day job” and become a full time travel advisor. Over the years the opportunities that Cruise Brothers has given me have sent me all over the world. I’ve enjoyed free (or darn near it) travel on three continents and cleared my personal travel bucket list time and time again.

From limitless and never ending FREE training opportunities to a personal team leader who knows ME, MY business, and MY goals – I’ve been supported and given every opportunity to shine since day one. I was welcomed with open arms into a network of likeminded travelers in my fellow travel agents, offering me community and support as opposed to competition for sales. I am blessed to count many of these agents among my closest friends.

Cruise Brothers sets you up for success so long as you’re willing to do your part; you’ll always find the community and the support you need to achieve whatever your goals are right here. And it won’t cost you a dime."

Mandy Storer - Independent Agent

Team Leader - Shannon Hawkins


"My reason for joining Cruise Brothers was easy. I had been teaching social studies and geography for over twenty-five years and taking teachers and students on trips globally. When I retired, I worked for an online travel agency in California, but the schedule was brutal. I joined Cruise Brothers over two years ago and now I set my own schedule. I have better training, I keep my clients, and have complete access to my wonderful team leader who is there all the time to suggest, advise and answer all questions.

The training that is available to me is outstanding and I have the ability to review the training videos on my own time and at any time I choose. The team support that I receive from everyone in the office is outstanding and I never feel left out. ! I so wish I had made the move earlier. I am so proud to be a Cruise Brothers’ agent!"

Lynne Wagner - Independent Agent

Team Leader - Z. Alex McLaughlin


"After leaving the Marine Corps being deployed to a lot of places around the world seeing some cool places to travel to, I figured I could do this helping people travel to places they have neither been. I'm retired, did nothing for about 3 years and want some cash on the side. I heard about Cruise Brothers from an ad, I (signed up) and started as a part-time gig and now make it full time.

It was easy to join and free versus other agencies.  No gimmicks...truly a free program. When I was looking I saw a lot of Host’s ads some with fees. I liked the way Cruise Brothers was setup. Time you put in to learn is what you get out of it. Better to be in the Know than Not when talking to a client.

What great support I get from my team leader. Whenever I’m not sure or have a question about something I call my team leader. If he is not available I leave a message and he calls me back couldn’t ask for better support. Regarding traveling free, for traveling free there is always a cost (taxes, etc.), but it can be free when you learn the product’s and making booking.

The reputation Cruise Brothers has with almost 50 years in the business...they have been around for years and are still doing well. Truly a company that cares about success of its agents."

Teddy Banks - Independent Agent

Mike Houle - Team Leader


"My name is Sherry, I am from Ohio and I love to travel. I have had a few travel agents help me in the past with a few anniversary trips, and a few cruises. I found a local travel agent that we went to a few times, that seemed rushed and not very important enough for her to help, then we  went out of town for one travel agent, which was ok but I had to make time between my husband's work schedule and my schedule and then her office schedule. Then when we went back to do another vacation she had closed up and no one took over the agency. We wanted to cruise so I called a Carnival Cruise Line number and had an agent that booked a few cruises for me, then finally by chance found one online that was in our town, so I called her and she booked a  vacation for me.

When my family was ready to cruise I called her again and we began to talk quite often. I then realized I may be interested in becoming an agent just to book for myself and my family. And so my journey to become a travel agent began, I searched online and job posts for agent jobs. I received a lot of replies  on how to become a travel agent for X amount of dollars. That didn't sit right with me to pay X amount of dollars to work for them. So I asked my local travel agent if she needed any help. She directed me to (Cruise Brothers) and my travel agent opportunity came to life, even during a pandemic. No startup fees, training fees, equipment fees, a simple phone conversation with my team leader and I was quickly on my way to a new career in the travel industry.

I can now get discounts for myself, help family and friends and make new relationships daily. I have only been with Cruise Brothers for a short time,  but I have learned so much, and I was able to join in with another consultant that is also a part of Cruise Brothers and has her own business.  We make a GREAT team, we have GREAT SUPPORT through our team leader along with all the other agents that are in our team! I am glad that I chose Cruise Brothers as my personal host agency,. They have almost 50yrs of  travel experience, and they offer some awesome trips for their teams."

Sherry Nelson - Independent Agent

Team Leader - Diane Fish


" When I decided to take an early retirement from my job as an executive manager at a very large Chevrolet dealership in Clearwater Florida for over 30 years, I saw an ad on Facebook “Cruise for Free” with Cruise Brothers. My wife and I are avid cruisers so I inquired about how do I get to cruise for free. After reading about Cruise Brothers I was very interested so I replied to the company for an opportunity. They assigned me to my team leader, Don Roberts, and he call and made an appointment with me to begin my training. This was at the beginning of August of 2018.

After my training I began to dig into each cruise line and got my log in credentials so I could begin my training with each one. Then once I felt like I had enough experience I began to network myself. I created a business Facebook page and networked it with all of my “friends” from my personal Facebook page. I began to get inquiries about cruises through friends and business associates I have known over the past couple of decades and booked them on cruises. I always ask for referrals after I close the sale making sure I did a good job for them. Then I began to get referral business and my client base has continued to grow.

I attended a webinar with Holland America one day and the large portion of the training was on group sales. This is where I really started to grow my business. So here I am today, three years into the business, even with a 17 to 18 month pause due to Covid, and I currently have the 7th most in sales for the entire company and I have the 5th most in sales for the month.

Cruise Brothers gives you the tools, the websites, the protection and all of the resources and training you need to really build a great business and have fun doing it. And oh, by the way, you can get the opportunity to cruise for free with no strings attached. Just dedicate yourself, work hard and success can be yours."

David Rutter - Independent Agent

Team Leader - Don Roberts


"We have been with Cruise Brothers now for over 4 years and enjoy every minute of our job.  Working with them has been an amazing experience. We contacted them to start doing something we love, which is planning travel for others.  I spoke with a Team Leader and immediately she was getting me information to start training on. My Team Leader goes beyond normal means to make sure I am trained in many areas. The options and suppliers that Cruise Brothers has for us to use are almost endless. The webinars that are also available through Cruise Brothers makes it great to get as much information about the different suppliers and all their new information is great.  I am so glad we chose Cruise Brothers as our Host Company because they have helped us double our business in a short period of time."

Wayne and Jill Chitwood - Independent Agents

Team Leader - Diane Fish

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