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Earn Commission

You Earn Commission Each Time You Sell A Cruise Or Land Vacation!

Within the travel industry, when a travel professional sells a cruise or land vacation package for a particular Cruise Line or Tour Operator, that Cruise Line or Tour Operator then pays Cruise Brothers a commission for the sale. The commission is usually a percentage of the overall price of the vacation package sold. As one of the top agencies in the USA, Cruise Brothers commands commissions much higher than smaller agencies.

For example, if a Cruise Line is paying 15% of the total commissionable fare and that fare is $3000.00, the commission paid to Cruise Brothers would be $450.00. Looking at the formula:

Commission Rate X Commissionable Fare = Total Commission Paid To Agency

Showing the actual mathematical calculation:

0.15 x $3000.00 = $450.00

The above commission amount is the amount paid to Cruise Brothers. Cruise Brothers then pays you the portion you agreed upon when you signed up with Cruising Free!

For example, if your commission split with Cruise Brothers is 50% of the total commission earned, then using the above as an example, the commission paid to you is $225.00.

SalesPerson's Commission Rate X Total Commission = Salesperson's Commission

Showing the actual mathematical calculation:

0.50 x $450.00 = $225.00

The above numbers are just a sample. When you think about an average cruise or vacation taking around 2-3 hours of your time from start to finish in research, booking and maintenance you can easily see how you can earn as much or as little as your time allows. Once you become confident in booking, you become faster and might take on groups to make even more commission. The bottom line is that regarding earning potential, the sky is the limit!

Cruise Brothers Commission Payment Policy

In the most direct terms, the Cruising Free! Independent Agent earns anywhere from 50% to 70% (depending on experience), of the total commission earned on each cruise or land vacation travel package that they sell. The Cruise Brothers will then issue payment to the Cruising Free! associate for the amount of earned commission after the customer travels.

The reason the Cruising Free! associate's commission is paid after the customer travels is several fold. Some of these reasons include:

Regardless of the reason, experience shows that it is much more feasible to wait until the customer travels as once the customer does travel, monies can transact more freely between vendors, the agency, and the Cruising Free! associate.