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All you need is a passion for travel!


Helping you to travel the world for over 50 years!

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Cruise Brothers Logo, parent company of Cruising Free where you can become a home based travel agent for free!

One of the nations largest travel agencies.
Helping you to travel the world for over 50 years!


Once you sign up as a Cruising Free! Independent Agent your Team Leader will be in touch to have a one-on-one introduction into the wonderful world of selling travel. Your Team Leader is an expert of knowledge in the industry and will help guide you into what training needs to be done first so you can get started earning commissions and free travel as soon as possible.

  1. You will cover the basics of our password protected agent portal or as we like to call it, CBAT. This is the portal where you would enter your bookings to ensure you earn your commission, find out vendor commissions and information as well as access our training library plus a whole lot more!
  2. Based on whether you wish to become a group expert, adventure travel, all-inclusive vacations, luxury travel or destination specialist, your Team Leader will advise you which vendor specific training you should take - all for free. In fact, as a part of the basics to learn how to sell cruises, you will be guided to several cruise line or land vendor portals that will give you FREE CRUISES or DISCOUNTED TRAVEL once you complete their education. It is easy AND fun to learn from a product you will have a passion to sell.
  3. Of course the best way to sell travel is to share from your own experiences!! Cruise Brothers team members get EXCLUSIVE access to the best travel benefits in the business! We routinely have Seminars at Sea with great learning activities in addition to networking with fellow agents at deeply discounted prices and also Team Leaders have their own escorted groups.
  4. Finally, many of our vendor partners invite Cruise Brothers agents exclusively on familiarization trips (or FAMS) to experience their produce FOR FREE!

Experiencing Cruises and Vacation Travel Helps You Sell More!

People get two weeks a year vacation on average. That means they spend 50 weeks a year laboring for those glorious two weeks in which all they want to do is relax and have FUN! As a Cruising Free! Independent Agent, your prospective customers will be entrusting you to provide the best cruise or land vacation travel package that suits their needs. And studies have shown that you need to have experienced the product to become better at selling the product.

We Are The Only Business That Encourages You To Go On Vacation!

All Cruise Lines and Travel Providers WANT you to experience their product. They do this by providing travel to agents via a program called Familiarization Trips or FAM Trips as they are more commonly known. FAM Trips are extremely low priced travel designed with the agent in mind. As a Cruising Free! Independent Agent, you may qualify for these FAMs. Your dedicated Team Leader will explain how.

Familiarization (FAM) Trips, Ship Inspections

Cruise Lines and All-Inclusive Resorts want you to experience their product; especially if the ship or resort is new and is just about to be put into the marketplace. The difference is, now you will be experiencing travel with a different "set of eyes".
You'll be representing your independent agency, but also Cruise Brothers, so you'll attend seminars on the product and get to see many areas of a cruise line or all-inclusive resort that most vacation travelers never get to see. You'll examine all different room categories and understand what is most important and learn how you can upsell your clients for more profit. You'll sample various dining facilities and get to understand what is best suited for a couple looking for fun with others, honeymooners who want to be alone, or the best dining accommodations so you become the EXPERT that your friends, family and groups look to for advice.
Our partners will show you how to do that and more when you experience their product.

Contests And Cruising Free! Associate Incentives

Even though FAM Trips are extremely low priced, the Cruise Brothers goes one step farther by holding sweepstakes which result in FREE cruises and trips to all-inclusive resorts. The Cruising Free! Marketing Department often issues incentives which result in those certain associates who meet the specified goals in obtaining Free Cruises. These incentives come up randomly and are always listed on our proprietary agent intranet,, so you'll always be aware from simply logging in to checking your email.


You Earn Commission Each Time You Sell A Cruise Or Land Vacation!

Within the travel industry, when a travel professional sells a cruise or land vacation package for a particular Cruise Line or Tour Operator, that Cruise Line or Tour Operator then pays Cruise Brothers a commission for the sale. The commission is usually a percentage of the overall price of the vacation package sold. As one of the top agencies in the USA, Cruise Brothers commands commissions much higher than smaller agencies.

For example, if a Cruise Line is paying 15% of the total commissionable fare and that fare is $3000.00, the commission paid to Cruise Brothers would be $450.00. Looking at the formula:

Commission Rate X Commissionable Fare = Total Commission Paid To Agency

Showing the actual mathematical calculation:

0.15 x $3000.00 = $450.00

The above commission amount is the amount paid to Cruise Brothers. Cruise Brothers then pays you the portion you agreed upon when you signed up with Cruising Free!

For example, if your commission split with Cruise Brothers is 50% of the total commission earned, then using the above as an example, the commission paid to you is $225.00.

SalesPerson's Commission Rate X Total Commission = Salesperson's Commission

Showing the actual mathematical calculation:

0.50 x $450.00 = $225.00

The above numbers are just a sample. When you think about an average cruise or vacation taking around 2-3 hours of your time from start to finish in research, booking and maintenance you can easily see how you can earn as much or as little as your time allows. Once you become confident in booking, you become faster and might take on groups to make even more commission. The bottom line is that regarding earning potential, the sky is the limit!

Cruise Brothers Commission Payment Policy

In the most direct terms, the Cruising Free! Independent Agent earns anywhere from 50% to 70% (depending on experience), of the total commission earned on each cruise or land vacation travel package that they sell. The Cruise Brothers will then issue payment to the Cruising Free! associate for the amount of earned commission after the customer travels.

The reason the Cruising Free! associate's commission is paid after the customer travels is several fold. Some of these reasons include:

  • Cruise Lines and other travel vendors pay the agency commissions only after customer travels.
  • The customer could cancel the booking
  • The customer could change any one element of their travel package

Regardless of the reason, experience shows that it is much more feasible to wait until the customer travels as once the customer does travel, monies can transact more freely between vendors, the agency, and the Cruising Free! associate.




Cruising Free Overview

A Cruising Free! Independent Agent sells cruise and land vacation travel to their friends, family, business associates, and anyone else who contacts you with a desire to experience either cruise or land vacation travel. The Cruising Free! Independent Agent works from their home (or another preferred place of business) and performs all the tasks necessary to sell cruise and land (tours) travel just as if they were sitting at the office.

There are five very general steps that are involved in selling vacation travel. They are:

  1. Perform marketing and advertising using contacts, flyers, business cards, telephone calls, social media, etc. such that prospective clients contact you wishing to purchase vacation travel...even creating groups for more profitability and growing your database from organizations you already belong to like your church, rotary, Elks, book club or other organization.

  2. You then use industry specific online tools to find a cruise or land vacation that best suits the customers desire. Note that we provide FREE training for all online tools required.

  3. Upon customer agreement, you then formally book the cruise or land package with the appropriate cruise line or tour operator. This can be done by any of the following means:
    • Using online computer based supplier booking tools.
    • Calling the Cruise Line or Tour Operator
    • Contacting our Cruising Free! support department or your Team Leader for guidance to walk you through the steps.

  4. After booking the vacation, and throughout the lifecycle of the booking (the time from booking to when the customer actually travels), you will monitor the booking for any issues that may arise, including entering into our accounting system to get paid. Note: Our Customer Care department acts as another "pair of eyes" for basics, such as payment dates or supplier changes, and may communicate reminders to your clients.

  5. And finally, when the customer returns from their vacation, you will receive payment from us via check or direct deposit in an amount commensurate with the agent's share of the commissionable amount earned for booking the vacation product.

Business Cards

As a Cruising Free! associate, you should get business cards. We have a business card provider that we recommend you contact. It is Vista Print. We have a template file we can send over to you such that you can give this file to your business card provider.

Training And Support

Professional development is critical to being a successful Cruising Free! Independent Agent.

First and foremost you will be assigned a Team Leader...your coach to guide you along the way to success. Your Team Leader has extensive knowledge and experience in the travel business and is at your call whenever you need help or guidance. All for FREE.

Additionally, we offer FREE online training at CBAgentTools as well as a whole host of information which serves to increase your knowledge base. We have a training portal with recorded webinars from suppliers on various products plus how to promote and market your business, various documents you can customize, special promotions, exclusive group pricing and amenities and more.

You'll also have an opportunity as a Cruising Free! Independent Agent the opportunity to experience Cruise Ship travel through agent familiarization trips and seminars at sea. Did you know that Cruise Lines want you to travel so that you can experience their product directly. Studies have shown that this makes for more qualified travel professionals.

Being a Cruising Free! associate means being engaged...which only serves to increase your knowledge and in turn, your sales.

If You're Ready, Sign Up Now!

If you are ready, or just want to get a bit more information, then Click Here To Sign Up There is NO RISK whatsoever. And who knows, it just might be the greatest opportunity you've ever experienced. After all, you are selling FUN! and getting paid for it too. ... show less

About Us

Cruising Free was founded in 2010 and is the host agency division of the well-known and established Cruise Brothers Travel Agency, created on the belief that travelers can become travel agents. Cruising Free is completely free to join because we seek those with a passion for travel, have cruised and traveled already on their own, are the "go to" for their family, friends or organization and want to learn how to create a home-based business easily. We've designed a proprietary intranet and education program led by a team of coaches or "Team Leaders" with the expectation that people joining us want to do this as a hobby to earn some money, save on travel and potentially earn free travel and cruises for the planning they are already doing. Of course we find that for some their passion turns into a full-time business, but for most it remains an extra source of income and being a part of a fun community of travel lovers. Cruising Free is designed to become whatever the new agent wishes it to become...with no obligations or quotas.

Cruise Brothers is one of the largest family owned cruise travel agencies in the United States. We were established in 1972, and while we are the “Cruise Brothers,” we have worked diligently to establish our brand, not only as cruise experts, but as experts at land vacations as well. Over the years, we have helped nearly a million people plan their dream vacations and their special, once-in-a-lifetime adventures! Individual vacationers, family members, and friends account for the majority of our business. However, we have also built a thriving business that focuses on groups - - - class reunions, destination weddings, music and other theme cruises, seminars at sea, fundraisers, and corporate meetings and incentives.

As an affiliate of Travel Leaders Network, the $21 billion a year travel industry giant, and a consistent top producer with the world’s leading cruise lines and tour operators, Cruise Brothers has established the buying power that ensures that our clients receive the travel industry’s very best pricing and a generous array of travel amenities in addition to top commissions for our Cruising Free agents.

Whether your interest is in a cruise, an all-inclusive resort, or a land tour; whether it’s the Caribbean, Alaska, Europe, Hawaii, or the World, Cruise Brothers’ Cruising Free team of seasoned travel professionals, Team Leaders and management is committed to providing you with expert, professional advice; award-winning service and education to start you in the wonderful world of travel! ... show less


Who can join? remove

This opportunity is available for anyone in the USA or Canada, as long as you have cruised at least twice or have stayed at multiple All-Inclusive Resorts/European tours. The idea of this program is for people who love to plan either their own travel, their friends, or family members. This program is also perfect for group leaders. You've been doing the work already, so you might as well get paid for it.

How does it work? remove

As a Cruising Free Associate Agent, you will earn 50% of the commission on each sale you make online. ( i.e., an average commission on a cabin is $350.00. The Associate Agent will receive $175.00, and Cruise Brothers (Administrator Of The Cruising Free! program) will receive $175.00; this example is based on a 50% commission rate.) If you are a high-volume producer, when you sign up, please see if you can qualify for a higher commission rate.

How much do I have to pay for this business opportunity? remove

Nothing! Nada! Zilch! There is no sign-up, monthly, or annual fee! We provide training, marketing, and a dedicated coach who can help you every step of the way. We make it easy, and we're always FREE. We also have no quotas that you need to meet. If you just wanted to book your own travel and earn a commission, this is the perfect program to join!

Why work with Cruising Free? remove

The Cruise Brothers are among the largest family-owned cruise and tour agencies in the country ~ three generations and still going strong. We've been in business since 1972 - that's over 49 years of experience as a cruise and tour agency - specializing in all aspects of travel, making us YOUR experts on the cruise lines, tour destinations, ships, and itineraries. Our success stems from our well-trained Team Leaders dedicated to helping you succeed as a travel agent.

Access to - Our award-winning intranet site for everything you need to be a successful travel agent. You'll have access to promotions, reduced rates, training, invoicing, marketing, and commissions!

Commissions- You've been booking your own travel, or maybe you're the point person in the family who helps plan all your friends/family vacations. You've been missing out on earning commission for your efforts. Cruising Free was designed for this exact reason. We can help you earn $$$ for booking all your future travel with our FREE program.

Ease of doing business - As a member of one of the largest cruise vacation agencies in the country, Cruising Free Associates are respected by the Cruise Lines. You will do business faster, have access to the best deals, and you will receive a personal coach. YOU are on a TEAM!

No need for secretaries, receptionists, and the like - We do it for you. Our award-winning customer support staff is second to none. We can handle collecting final payment for your customers, send out documentation and handle any issues your clients may have while on their vacation. We realize most of our agents do this on a part-time basis, so you can be confident that our customer service department can assist with most issues that may arise.

Access To Special Discounted Rates On Most Major Cruise lines and Tour Operators - The cruise lines give Cruise Brothers special rates that you can pass on to yourself or your clients. No one in the industry can beat these rates in most cases, and therefore the consumer is more likely to buy from a Cruising Fee Associate than other agencies.

Great Support - Every Cruising FREE Associate Agent is assigned a Team Leader to help you with all your questions. Your dedicated coach can help you with marketing, making reservations, putting together groups, and much more! We want you to sell. So it's in our best interest to help you do so. Your success is our success!

Do I need my own personalized website? remove

No, you do not! We find that by promoting travel through social media (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, etc.) and reaching out to your personal contacts, you can easily grow your travel business. If you're still not sure, don't worry, we will personally show you how to promote travel properly.

How soon can I go on a free or reduced fare cruise? remove

As a productive associate, you'll be eligible to travel at reduced rates. As a top producer for all major cruise lines, the Cruise Brothers and our travel agents are invited to attend Inaugural Celebrations aboard brand new ships where everything is FREE.

The Cruising Free program also offers various sales contests throughout the year where agents can win free cruises, onboard credits, and gift cards. There are also FREE cruises awarded to our travel agents who complete online courses that the cruise lines provide. The courses are offered for FREE, but not all of them offer FREE cruises for graduating.

FAM Trips- FAM is short for familiarization trips. This is offered either for FREE or a nominal fee to attend. This can take place on a cruise ship or at an all-inclusive resort. They provide training on FAM trips, and you can truly learn about a product by immersing yourself in it.

The cruise lines offer reduced rate cruises to agents based on their ability to provide bookings, so the more you book, the better your chances of qualifying for these special fares! After you earn $5000 in commission, you will qualify for an official IATAN (International Air Transport Association) Travel Agent ID card. That will allow you to take discounted trips such as cruises, all-inclusive resorts, hotels, and rental car companies.

What special equipment do I need? remove

A computer, smartphone, or tablet with internet access is all you need. While we recommend a high-speed internet connection for your devices, it's not absolutely required, but it will make things easier (and faster!) for you. We'll provide you with all the other tools you'll need!

Do I need to obtain a business license? remove

No. We're truly a FREE program! Some states require a Seller of Travel License, so please check with your state, or once you join, we can let you know. Typically, an annual fee for a Sellers of Travel License costs around 50.00 per year.

When will I be paid for my bookings? remove

After travel is completed (the customer returns home from the trip) and the vendor sends the commission, we will then direct deposit your portion to you. We will display all commissions in complete transparency on your commission dashboard located on our intranet site

How do I find customers? remove

The first thing you should do is let everyone know that you are now a Cruising Free Associate Agent. Tell everyone...even those people who you know don't travel that often because they may know people who need a travel agent.

Business cards are an essential tool as well. Spreading the word about your new business often involves handing out your cards to all prospective clients. You can purchase business cards from your local printer or over the internet. We even have templates for you to give to your business card provider.

Social Media will be essential in helping to grow your customer base. Facebook is a FREE way to help promote your new business. Share your travel pictures, tips, and promotions all for FREE. This will help you create awareness so your friends, family, and acquaintances know that you're now a Travel Agent.

Networking is another way to help get the word out to your local community. You can join your local chamber of commerce or look for local networking opportunities. Most of the time, they will take one leader in each industry.

Am I an employee of Cruise Brothers? remove

No, you're not an employee, and you will be registering as an independent contractor.


"I decided to become an agent because I had previously been in the hospitality business over 30 years and wanted to try something new. Started as a part time job to learn more about the travel industry. No gimmicks...truly a free program. Joining was easy and yes, it is a free program. My team leader is always available when needed and will help every step of the way to ensure success. I have been able to earn 2 free cruises so far and have several discounted travel trips in the plans. There is always a training available so it is easy to learn the trade. I have a passion for travel and each day I feel I learn something new. I enjoy doing the research to find my clients what they want and I know the Cruise Brothers team is available whenever a question arises."

John Hegedus - Independent Agent

Team Leader - Diane Fish ... show less

"We did our research, were not interested in paying monthly payments (ed. to other agencies that charge) and were not sure our commission would even make those payment amounts. One day I called Cruise Brothers directly and they explained how the system worked, that there were no monthly payments, yet the support and training was there from the start. We were hooked and have been selling cruises for several years now, going from booking friends and family, with continued training and support from Cruise Brothers and David, until currently booking large groups and individual cruises all the time.

We love the interaction with the staff and team leaders (David is ours!), ability to get questions answered, and guidance that Cruise Brothers has to offer. With this company being around 50 years, we now know the reason they have been around this long and will continue to be a force in the cruise market for years to come.

One of the more exciting things Cruise Brothers offers is the ability to have so many groups open that we can book into, and the added ability to offer these amazing savings to our clients. When you present the discounted prices we get from Cruise Brothers groups to our clients, that just makes the sales easier and more frequent."

Debbie and Tony Palmiotti - Independent Agents

Team Leader - David Accetturo ... show less

"My reason for joining Cruise Brothers was easy. I had been teaching social studies and geography for over twenty-five years and taking teachers and students on trips globally. When I retired, I worked for an online travel agency in California, but the schedule was brutal. I joined Cruise Brothers over two years ago and now I set my own schedule. I have better training, I keep my clients, and have complete access to my wonderful team leader who is there all the time to suggest, advise and answer all questions.

The training that is available to me is outstanding and I have the ability to review the training videos on my own time and at any time I choose. The team support that I receive from everyone in the office is outstanding and I never feel left out. ! I so wish I had made the move earlier. I am so proud to be a Cruise Brothers’ agent!"

Lynne Wagner - Independent Agent

Team Leader - Z. Alex McLaughlin ... show less

"My name is Sherry, I am from Ohio and I love to travel. I have had a few travel agents help me in the past with a few anniversary trips, and a few cruises. I found a local travel agent that we went to a few times, that seemed rushed and not very important enough for her to help, then we went out of town for one travel agent, which was ok but I had to make time between my husband's work schedule and my schedule and then her office schedule. Then when we went back to do another vacation she had closed up and no one took over the agency. We wanted to cruise so I called a Carnival Cruise Line number and had an agent that booked a few cruises for me, then finally by chance found one online that was in our town, so I called her and she booked a vacation for me.

When my family was ready to cruise I called her again and we began to talk quite often. I then realized I may be interested in becoming an agent just to book for myself and my family. And so my journey to become a travel agent began, I searched online and job posts for agent jobs. I received a lot of replies on how to become a travel agent for X amount of dollars. That didn't sit right with me to pay X amount of dollars to work for them. So I asked my local travel agent if she needed any help. She directed me to (Cruise Brothers) and my travel agent opportunity came to life, even during a pandemic. No startup fees, training fees, equipment fees, a simple phone conversation with my team leader and I was quickly on my way to a new career in the travel industry.

I can now get discounts for myself, help family and friends and make new relationships daily. I have only been with Cruise Brothers for a short time, but I have learned so much, and I was able to join in with another consultant that is also a part of Cruise Brothers and has her own business. We make a GREAT team, we have GREAT SUPPORT through our team leader along with all the other agents that are in our team! I am glad that I chose Cruise Brothers as my personal host agency,. They have almost 50yrs of travel experience, and they offer some awesome trips for their teams."

Sherry Nelson - Independent Agent

Team Leader - Diane Fish ... show less

"We have been with Cruise Brothers now for over 4 years and enjoy every minute of our job. Working with them has been an amazing experience. We contacted them to start doing something we love, which is planning travel for others. I spoke with a Team Leader and immediately she was getting me information to start training on. My Team Leader goes beyond normal means to make sure I am trained in many areas. The options and suppliers that Cruise Brothers has for us to use are almost endless. The webinars that are also available through Cruise Brothers makes it great to get as much information about the different suppliers and all their new information is great. I am so glad we chose Cruise Brothers as our Host Company because they have helped us double our business in a short period of time."

Wayne and Jill Chitwood - Independent Agents

Team Leader - Diane Fish ... show less

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