Tiffany Gravelle

Team Leader

Tiffany loves meeting new people, visiting new places, and making new friends! She creates a new experience wherever she goes!

When Tiffany is not helping her team of agents or her own clients, she enjoys her time with her husband, her 3 grown children and her baby granddaughter. She is devoted to her family and friends. Tiffany is passionate about all animals! She spends each day taking care of her ranch, with many horses, donkeys, cows, goats, birds, cats, and dogs. All Rescue animals are welcome!

Tiffany has achieved Master Cruise Consultant status with CLIA (Cruise Lines International Association) along with the Travel Agent Executive Certification. Tiffany is listed under Super Agent with Travel Leaders Network. She was an Agent First, then promoted to Team Leader within 1 year of starting with Cruise Brothers.

Tiffany attended Oregon State University. She studies Communications and Animal Sciences. And she is one of the Best Communicators Possible! Have a Question, Just Ask? Have an Animal in Need, just call her for advice!
She has sailed on several different cruise ships and brands, gaining first-hand knowledge of each cruise line. Tiffany has learned what each line and ship has to offer to their passengers based on and destination experiences. Tiffany always says to her Agents, If I don’t have the answer, I will find it out! We all work together at Cruise Brothers.

Tiffany is VERY passionate with regards to keeping up with the latest travel news and industry trends. Her Team of travel agents and her personal clients always receive the highest level of service.

Tiffany is quick to respond to email, phone, text, and a Private Facebook Group, All Agents and Clients can access educational information via these groups.

Tiffany’s Motto: “Destinations are important, but the journey is the reason that we travel.”