Tyler Leed

Team Leader

Tyler's impressive background and experience in the travel and hospitality industry make him a valuable asset in the field of home-based travel agencies. His journey from working at renowned hotel chains like Hilton, Marriott, and Choice Hotels to becoming a home-based travel agent and eventually a Business Development Manager showcases his dedication and passion for the industry.

As a Business Development Manager, Tyler's primary goal is to support and nurture the growth of agents looking to establish their own travel businesses. His extensive knowledge of various aspects of travel, including the Cruise Industry, Group Travel, Land Packages, and more, positions him as a valuable resource for agents with diverse interests and niche markets.

Tyler's commitment to his agents is evident through his proactive approach. He conducts multiple weekly team calls and offers one-on-one training sessions, ensuring that his agents receive the guidance and support they need to succeed. His accessibility through various forms of communication underscores his dedication to helping his team members thrive in their roles.

Outside of his professional life, Tyler values quality time with his family and friends, as well as pursuing his passion for photography. This well-rounded approach to life suggests that he understands the importance of work-life balance and appreciates the beauty and experiences that travel can offer.

For individuals eager to embark on a career as a home-based travel agent and are passionate about travel, joining Tyler's team is a promising opportunity. Tyler's wealth of knowledge, mentorship, and dedication to his agents make him an appealing leader for those looking to turn their love for travel into a fulfilling profession.