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Travel Benefits

Experiencing Cruises and Vacation Travel Helps You Sell More!

People get two weeks a year vacation on average. That means they spend 50 weeks a year laboring for those glorious two weeks in which all they want to do is relax and have FUN! As a Cruising Free! Independent Agent, your prospective customers will be entrusting you to provide the best cruise or land vacation travel package that suits their needs. And studies have shown that you need to have experienced the product to become better at selling the product.

We Are The Only Business That Encourages You To Go On Vacation!

All Cruise Lines and Travel Providers WANT you to experience their product. They do this by providing travel to agents via a program called Familiarization Trips or FAM Trips as they are more commonly known. FAM Trips are extremely low priced travel designed with the agent in mind. All that is necessary is that the agent be affiliated with a certified agency. As a Cruising Free! Independent Agent, you may qualify for these FAMs. Your dedicated Team Leader will explain how.

Familiarization (FAM) Trips, Ship Inspections

Cruise Lines and All-Inclusive Resorts want you to experience their product; especially if the ship or resort is new and is just about to be put into the marketplace. The difference is, now you will be experiencing travel with a different "set of eyes".
You'll be representing your independent agency, but also Cruise Brothers, so you'll attend seminars on the product and get to see many areas of a cruise line or all-inclusive resort that most vacation travelers never get to see. You'll examine all different room categories and understand what is most important and learn how you can upsell your clients for more profit. You'll sample various dining facilities and get to understand what is best suited for a couple looking for fun with others, honeymooners who want to be alone, or the best dining accommodations so you become the EXPERT that your friends, family and groups look to for advice.
Our partners will show you how to do that and more when you experience their product.

Contests And Cruising Free! Associate Incentives

Even though FAM Trips are extremely low priced, the Cruise Brothers goes one step farther by holding sweepstakes which result in FREE cruises and trips to all-inclusive resorts. The Cruising Free! Marketing Department often issues incentives which result in those certain associates who meet the specified goals in obtaining Free Cruises. These incentives come up randomly and are always listed on our proprietary agent intranet,, so you'll always be aware from simply logging in to checking your email.